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Our story

We are a group of people who love cooking and eating good food more than anything else!


Our desire is to introduce and bring forward the true, authentic taste of French cuisine to the local community in Singapore. To achieve this, all of the dishes at La Quiche Gourmande are handmade and of the highest quality to ensure maximum satisfaction.​

Bon Appétit!


Guy Rodriguez

Originally hails from France, Guy has worked in telecommunications before returning to his first passion, cooking especially pastry. Together with his partner, he wants to introduce and share the authentic French flavours and culture with the local community in Singapore, where he now calls home.

Taste of France

Food has become such an integral part of French culture. According to UNESCO, it has the power to create ‘togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature'. At La Quiche Gourmande, we intend to deliver French classics to your table. Our quiches and desserts are made from fresh ingredients, with doses of originality and twist of local flavours.

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